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okay so what we need to do is make a

slipknot before we cast on and then we

get our double pointed needle and we

cast on four so this is already one two


or can you turn the work over a working

yarn is closest to the end okay and you

knit one round

just flip it over and then we net in the

front and the back of each stitch so you

get in the front now we pull it and then

we put our needle on the back and then

we grab the yarn just like that

okay stain on again with our second

stage it's just like a regular net

instead of pulling it off we just put

our right needle on the back then we go

through the back of the needle or the

back of the yarn sorry

bring the yarn around

okay so ice now we're supposed to have

four stitches on both needles so so

let's just take off for one two three

oh sorry four okay so now our working

yarn is in the back so this is our first

stitch and we are just going to knit in

the round

so for a we just knit the row

interworking eyes in the back

I'll wait turn it over so we're working

yarns in the back

that's one full row okay now for B we

are going to knit one and then we make

one so what I do is you just get you

grab the C is kind of like a bar in

between both stitches oh sorry

so I just find the bar in between both

of the stitches and I grab it and I put

on my left needle and then I knit it and

it's going to be pretty tight



EXO we knit until our last stitch then

we make one

okay knit the last stitch and then you

repeat on the other side

okay for the next three rounds all you

do is knit



okay put the last seven stitches on a

stitch holder

and then the first seven stitches on the

second holder

okay so now that we put those on our

stitch marker we just knit one row

okay now what we do is we slip slip and

then we knit

okay and now we knit three

and then we knit two together okay and

repeat this on the side okay now we slip

slip knit

and then we knit one and then we knit

two together and then we do this on the

backside okay so now we have three

stitches left now we have to do the

Kitchener stitch is not as hard as you

might think

okay so we go through the first stitch

as if you are per link and then we go

through the back stitch first stitch as

if you were going to knit okay now what

we do is we knit slip it off and then we

curl but we don't slip it off and then

the back one we pretend that we're

purling slip and then we knit

okay dirty in it slip pearl

and purl slip


and then knit slip purl slip

and that's it

and then you weave your ends

this is how you add the yarn for the

second side

so we first knit and then we get our

yarn loop put it around

then I'm going to net just a few more

stitches with the tail just so that it

won't move around and get loose or fall


okay then you just repeat what you did

on the right side