How To Knit A Multi Colors Scarf - 12 Step To Easy Knitting

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For first-time knitters, It's easier to use thick needles and bulky yarn because it'll

make the knitting of the scarf much faster and easier.

Cast on 10 to 40 stitches using your first color of yarn, depending on the size of your

needles and desired width.

Knit for 12 rows with the first color. Remember that you do not have to knit another color

if you do not want to, and you do not have to knit the other color immediately either.

Cut the yarn with scissors after you complete the 12th row. Make sure to leave a 6-inch

tail. If you choose not to have a second color,

then skip this step and just continue knitting in the one color all the way to the end.

Add a second color of yarn to the first color. This will make your scarf look professional

and coordinate with more outfits.

Start knitting with the second color of yarn. Knit about 5 stitches and stop to pull on

the ends.

Leave the ends loose. Later, you'll weave them into the scarf with a tapestry needle

or crochet hook.

Knit 12 rows with the new yarn. Follow the same process you did with the first color.

If you choose to add your third color of yarn . Follow the instructions given for adding

the second color . Cut the yarn with your scissors and again leave a 6-inch tail.

Knit 12 rows again, as with the second color. Make sure to maintain focus and not go on

auto pilot .you could drop a stitch inadvertently.

Keep alternating colors as instructed, doing 12 rows of each, until the scarf reaches a

desired length.

Cast off your stitches. Use a crochet hook to weave your loose string

into your scarf, hiding the end .