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hi everyone Diane from pixie Bell here

today want to tell you a little bit

about the k5b or knit five below stitch

that you might have seen in my book I

should say my first book because I have

another book that will be coming out


knit beanies in slouchy hats by me this

particular hat I'm referring to is this

one the grape jelly fish and in the

instructions for this hat it explains

the knit 5 below now I'm working on a

sample right now that is a different hat

this is sort of the same idea for the

crown but this one is a just going to be

a beanie

I might even be a slouchy beanie haven't

quite decided how long I'm going to make

it yet but this uses the knit 5 below

now some people might refer to it as the

bubble stitch or a bobble stitch I've

heard puff stitch I've heard dimple

stitch but they're all the mid five

below stitch so to do a knit 5 below I

explained it one way in the book but I'm

going to explain it a different way as

well that I think might be a little

easier for some people so the way I did

it in the book was like this you take

the next stitch you take it off the

needle and you're going to basically rip

out four stitches and make four ladders

so you're ripping out one two three and

four so you have these four ladders

right here and then here's your new live

stitch which is five stitches below

where it was what I did in the book to

explain it was I said to take your right

needle and put it through that stitch

and then put the other the latter

stitches on top of it basically and then

knit through

with your working yarn over your right

needle and through the stitch and what

that does is it creates this sort of

elongated stitch with these latter

pieces sort of trapped up at the top I

think that seems a little confusing to

some people so let me show you a

slightly different way in pattern next

you're going to knit three stitches so

let's knit those three and get them out

of the way okay and then here's that

stitch you made you can see a little bit

better here where it is you can see

where that's the long it is stitch and

then the gathered for ladders up there

so the new way that I tried to explain

to people now which I think it makes

more sense because you're doing your

work on your left needle which is where

you would normally do your work you're

going to begin the same way and you're

going to drop that stitch off and drop

it down one two three four ladders

you're going to grab that live stitch

and bring it up and put it on your left

needle and then you have your four

ladders right here and basically you're

just going to plop them on top of your

needle like that where it's like a one

big chunky live stitch and then you're

going to knit through that new live

stitch and the whole big chunk of for

latter pieces so you just knit through

it and it makes the exact same elongated

stitch with the four ladder pieces

trapped in it so let's try it one more

time do the next three knit stitches

and okay take your stitch drop it off

but hang on to it

don't lose it and pull out one two three

four this particular yarn is a little

fiddly it it has some wool in it so it

likes to UM it starts to kind of stick

together a little bit so you're gonna

stick this live stitch back on your left

needle and then you're going to take

your four stitches your four ladders and

just plop them back over that needle and

then knit through the new stitch see

you're going through the new stitch and

through all four of those latter pieces

and there you go and you can see how the

baubles start to form

like little pups and the reason they do

that is because you made this stitch

really tight and then these pieces

around it these stockinette parts have

more fabric than this part has so this

is gonna dimple in and this is gonna

puff out and make those pretty bauble

puff stitches so I hope that explains it

see ya