Doctor Who Tom Baker Scarf Tutorial - The 12.5 Join

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my name is Alex Murphy I am a doctor who

scarf knitter and I am here to give a

tutorial on how to do the 12.5 join as

it's known this join appears on the the

original scarf from halfway through

season 12 all the way through the season

14 scarf and it still exists on the

scarf today because it's still on the

scarf that we have today we have very

high resolution images of the join and

can therefore determine exactly how it

was made when it was made which is great

so today I will be teaching you how to

do that just a little history on this

particular joint so this is the very

beginning on the season 12 scarf the

original original pattern you will see

that there's a big block of gray I think

it's 23 ribs the first stories of Tom

Baker's time were filmed out of order

from how they were released when you

look at robot which is the debut story

it has this gray black because that's

that's the first time the scarf ever

appeared on screen so that's that's how

it showed up and then they filmed the

Sontaran experiment next and it still

had this grey block either during

Sontaran experiment or after Sontaran

experiment they cut this gray block out

and to my knowledge we don't really know

why there was some idea that they wanted

to shorten it because Tom Baker tripped

and hurt himself on it during Sontaran

experiment but I think we've determined

that that injury himself he broke his

like collarbone or something I think we

determined that that injury was

sustained during a stunt and not because

of the scarf he was like falling down a

quarry or something but at any rate no

matter what happened they decided that

were grave lock needed to come out so

then they removed it and then they

filmed the arkin space but of course

they they reverse the order of Sontaran

experiment in the arkin space so if you

look at that stories you'll see in robot

it has this grave lock and then the next

one chronologically is arkin space where

this grave lock is mis

seeing and then the next one after that

is the Sontaran experiment in this gray

block come back and then from then on it

doesn't have this and never ever ever

shows up again obviously because they

removed it the other funny thing and

you'll notice here in the scarf that

I've done these little fake rows to

represent the old spot one of the very

odd things about it is that when they

reattached because they cut out this

gray block right so then they had this

part or this part of the scarf when they

reattached this bottom hat they did it

backwards they I'm sure that they were

like that some intern was like halfway

through fixing it and he went oh crap

and they just left it like that so

literally for arkin space and then

everything after Sontaran experiment

this bottom bottom chunk of the scarf is

actually backwards yeah so that's the

history and now I'll show you how to

accomplish the join so these are the

materials that you are going to need for

this project the first thing that you

need is you need something to secure the

stitches that you will be cutting around

so you're gonna need something to secure

this these stitches right here on the

purple end and then these first stitches

here on the on the green and because if

you don't when you cut and remove this

these gray stitches do all these

stitches will then be live and you're

just dropping all of these stitches

I used circular needles to knit the

scars in the first place and I just run

that run the needle through and I use

the core to secure the stitches so I'm

gonna need two things to secure so I've

got two sets of needles here what I used

to do before I did that I used to run

floss through it but I found that that I

love the interchangeable use better so

you need something to secure the

stitches with you're going to need a

pair of scissors and you're going to

need just a needle you're not going to

need a bunch of needles like you see

here you're just going to need one

darning needle and that's all you need

so if you've got those things you are

set to go so the first thing we're going

to do is we're going to go about

securing the stitches that will be live

once we

have cuts the ste crow this isn't true

ste crow if you don't know what a sneak

is then you can just google it it'll

show up but it is a dummy row of

stitches that are intended to be cut out

so in a way it's kind of a sneak so

that's what I call it so when you cut

out your ste crow these stitches will

become live so we need to we need to

secure these stitches that we don't want

to lose so what I do with my needle here

is I like to come in from the backside

because you can really see much better

and from the bottom here I like to just

go in from the bottom of the stitch now

what you want to avoid doing here is you

want to avoid taking this and then going

down into this one then going into this

one and doing that because that's going

to twist all of your stitches so that

they don't match up

it'll be like every other stitch will be

twisted and every other stitch will be

oriented correctly so it doesn't really

matter if you go from down if you go

from above in or if you go from below up

as long as once you start you do it the

same way on every stitch so I like to

start here from below up so that's what

I'm going to do


all right there we go so that's the last

of my last stitch there you really want

to make sure that you get your first and

last stitches sometimes they can get

kind of lost so here we go so you have

pulled it through so now all of these

stitches here are all being secured by

my cord and you're gonna do that on both

sides so on the last tutorial that I

filmed I initially filmed it incorrectly

and had to go back and sort of fix it

but it's sort of very choppy so what I'm

doing right now I'm actually I have a

commission where I'm taking my season

twelve and converting it into a season

thirteen which means that I need to make

the twelve point five join so I'm just

going to fix it here so that there's no

problem dude so I secured it off these

stitches right and you're going to then

take your scarf this is kind of cool

because you get to see what it looked

like before

take it flip it over like this so that

you're looking at the front side and

then what you're gonna do I personally

don't recommend doing the color

interchange right there if you're

planning on doing this joint because

it's a pain in the butt to take out but

I guess in a way this is more screen

accurate because this is what they

actually had to do on the real scarf so

also an interesting feature of the 12.5

joint is that the yarn that they used to

actually make the join was a row of

green that they removed so so instead of

securing off back here where the green

actually ends we're gonna secure it one

row back not one rib back but one row

back so that we can remove one row and

then use that yarn to make the joint so

you're gonna look at it from the front

side here so the stitches that you're

gonna want to bind off here are is this

one here that's the one and this one not

the top but the bottom one on the front

side so what you're gonna do so what I'm

gonna do I'm gonna start from the bottom

I'm going to go in like that

and then come around do it again

and come around do it again and like

that all the way across with that row

so I've secured off all of these greens

to just here on the front side the next

thing that we're gonna do is the scary


so who's never done this before you will

find that the scariest part of it is

that it's really not that hard to do it

should be a lot harder but it's not

we're gonna take our scissors and we're

gonna cut our gray blocks out and if you

have if you're converting a season 12

into a season 13 but you have a big

block of gray I recommend cutting closer

to the green because it will unravel

easy back the way that you knitted

trying to unravel it upwards towards the

direction that you were knitting it gets

caught on the edges and it becomes a

pain in the butt you have to manually

pull it out every time so I like to cut

up here if undoing that and here we go

all right so the cut has been made the

scarf has been separated and the next

thing that you're gonna do is you're

gonna pull all of this excess yarn out

you don't need it anymore


all right so once you have finished

removing all of the excess yarn the next

thing that you're gonna do is make sure

that you have removed your row of green

and you're going to take your darning

needle that you've chosen you're going

to thread your green yarn onto the

darning needle so also I forgot to

mention make sure I mean if you're going

through the trouble to be this screen

accurate make sure that before you start

this that your purple and green blocks

are misaligned so this purple and red

see this is the backside here and up

here the green this is the correct side

this is how it is on the reel scarf and

if you're going through the trouble to

be this screen accurate

please make sure that that's that yet

that you're doing that

otherwise you'll be disappointed you'll

have to take it out and do it again this

is honestly the easiest thing you will

ever do in knitting I'm not kidding you

at all this is the easiest thing that

you will ever do all that you're gonna

do it's so simple and it looks so cool

is you're gonna take this and you get

your first purple stitch there on the

end and you're just gonna run the yarn

through that first purple stitch pull it

through and then you're gonna go up here

to your green stitches from the next

green stitch here and you're just gonna

put your yarn through that one Green

stitch and then you're gonna move back

down to your purple stick it into the

next one pull it through and you're

gonna go back up here to the so on up

here and that one you're gonna pull

through and you're just gonna continue

alternating purple and green stitches

like this for the rest of the length of

the scar

it is super super easy


here it is all done see this goes all

the way across I've got the end of the

yarn poking out here so this is how it

looks when you pull it through after

you've got your yarn all the way out the

other end what you're gonna want to do

is you want to take this this end and

you just want to gently tug until you

get that slight bowing on this end you

just want to make sure that there's no

slack in here so you don't want it like

if you pull on it like that like that's

not how it looks but take that pull it

out just to the point where you get that

that slight bowing on the end and that

is your join so all you're gonna do now

to finish it off is you're going to take

this and you're just going to darn this

up into here so that it disappears

becomes invisible and that's the whole

thing it's that simple

and this is the 12.5 join this season 12

and a half join and it is the easiest

modification that you will do on the

time Baker scarf alrighty I hope you

enjoyed this happy knitting