How To Find The Start Of A New Row in Knitting (with 3 different needle types)

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hi welcome to knit with Hannah today I'm

gonna look at how do you start a new row

when you're knitting

hi welcome to knit with Hannah I'm

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happy you just started knitting and

you're thinking I'm picking my knitting

up and I don't know what to do next

maybe you've put it down and maybe a few

days have gone by and you're not really

sure how you start the near row well I'm

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Tuesday every week now then this week

we're going to look at how you start a

new row in knitting that might seem

really obvious but if you've got single

pointed needles double pointed needles

circular needles maybe if you're

switching between the more someone has

just given them to you you think am I

doing this right or am I not I'm going

to show you how you start in your row

this week let's get to it let's start

that demo so as you can see I have quite

a few pieces of knitting here and I'm

going to show you how to start a new row

whether you're using single pointed

needles like these double pointed

needles like we have here with this

light pink and circular needles as well

let's get to it I'm going to clear the

decks a little bit and we'll start with

the single pointed needles so when

you're knitting with single pointed

needles it's quite easy to work out how

you start a next row simply because you

can't start knitting from this end you

have to start knitting from this end so

that's it it is that simple

you pick up your needle you create a

nice even row of stitches on your left

hand needle and you're gonna start

you're just going to pick up the yarn

put the needle through the first stitch

and start knitting that's it that is

starting a new row when you are using


needles and if you're using a pattern it

will tell you which stitches to use

first along the row and if you're not

using a pattern like me I'm just using

knit stitches on every single row here

and that's what I'm doing I'm knitting

on every row so there we go that is

starting a new row with single pointed

needles the points tell you where you're

starting so again I will just turn that

around and start knitting from this end

there you go so that's one of them done

let's have a look at the double pointed

needles next we have again we have a few

stitches on the needle we have double

pointed needle so there isn't a stopper

at one end telling his West start so

this is where we have to use a bit of

intuition along with some technical

skills too now when we start to knit we

need the yarn so if I start to knit from

this end I'm gonna take B on pick it up

and start knitting but I'm gonna have

the yarn coming from the other end of

the needle so if I start knitting from

here there's going to be a big loop of

yarn which means I have to make sure

that my stitches are at this end of the

needle because the yarn is at this end

of the needle and there you go that's

what you need to do just check where the

yarn is which stitch is it coming from

if it's coming from this stitch at this

end of the needle that is the first

stitch the unit so you start on it like

that there you go that is starting a new

row with double pointed needles there

you go I'm just going to knit across

this row again your pattern will dictate

which stitches you use on each row it

will dictate which needs which stitches

you use at the beginning of the row but

if like me you're knitting every stitch

there you go that's it all done and then

I turn that round turn that around the

stitch has this yard coming from it so

I'm going to hold the empty needle in my

right hand and start knitting from this

end of the needle

there you go that's all well the good

we're done so with the circular needle

you can use these when you're starting

to knit if you like the bonus of this is

that you're not going to have your

stitches falling off of the needle

because they're going to they can sit in

the middle of the needle and you can

just put down by when you finish

knitting every evening or whenever you

get your knitting out so in that case

you're not going to lose stitches are

not going to drop off of the needles but

again you have to use your skill and

your intuition when you're starting the

next row again what do I do I'm gonna

drag them up to this end and say do they

sit on this end of the needle so we have

this yarn coming here but that is the

Caston yarn and it's not very long it

finishes and I do not have a long thread

coming from this first stitch I have a

long thread coming from this stitch so I

have to drag it all the way to the other

end of this second needle that goes all

the way to the end and there is it is

just like we did with the double pointed

needles you have the tip of the needle

the yarn is coming from that first

stitch I'm going to pick this up and

knit with it so some people think you

can only knit circular things on

circular needles you can use these as if

they were single pointed as if they were

double pointed needles just imagine

there the cord is chopped up in the

middle and that's one needle and that's

the other needle I got confused when I

first was looking at this I'm thinking

how can you do flat knitting on a

circular needle that it is quite simple

you look at the tips of the needles tips

of the circular needles as the bits that

are important and you pretty much ignore

the fact that it's all joined together

there you go again we have the yarn

coming from that first stitch near the

for needle so I'm gonna take this other

tip hold it in my right hand and start

knitting from this end the yarn is there

it's all ready to go we're not going to

have a loop holding around the back

because it's coming from the other end

it's there it's all ready to go so

that's it we have circular needles

starting in here row double pointed

needles starting in year row and single

pointed needles starting a new row all

done you now know what you're doing well

that was helpful for you you now know

how to start a new row whether you're on

single pointed double pointed or on

circular needles like I said if you've

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thank you so much for joining me this

week I love you to have you with me I

will see you again soon bye for now

happy knitting