How to Knit 2x2 Rib Stitch- Knit Stitch Guide- Learn to Knit

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hi welcome to twisted fibrous designs in

this video I'm going to show you how to

do a 2x2 rib stitch with the 2x2 rib

stitch you can cast on any number of

stitches and it is made using only knits

and pearls so it's a very simple stitch

to learn we're going to begin by

knitting so we're going to insert our

needle knit wise into our first stitch

and you knit two stitches bring the yarn

in front and purl two stitches

bring the yarn to the back knit two

yarn in front purl two

and you're going to continue this way of

alternating between two knit stitches

and purl stitches to the end of your row

when you get to the end of the row

you'll turn your work and you're gonna

repeat that very same pattern beginning

with a knit stitch

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