K2P2 Rib Stitch for Beginners | Flat Knitting K2P2 | Rib Stitch for Hats & Scarves

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in this video we are going to learn how

to do the knitting stitch pattern knit

two purl two the first thing is to put a

slipknot into the yarn and cast on

stitches we're using the longtail cast

on method and if you want to see a video

on how to do longtail cast on I will

link it both above in the video and in

the down bar the important thing at this

point is to cast on an even number of




I'm cut in the tail fairly short for

purposes of the video so that we don't

get confused between the working yarn

and the tail but if this were a real

project I would leave the tail six or

eight inches long the first thing we're

going to do is knit our first two

stitches because the pattern is knit two

purl two so knit two snug up your yarn

which is gently yarn in front and purl

and now we're going to purl two stitches

and again just snug that stitch up

just gently yarn in back and knit two


yarn in front purl two stitches always

remember when you purl the yarn is in

the front of your work and when you knit

the yarn is in the back of your work

that will help you to keep straight

whether you're knitting or purling and

where the yarn should be again purling

yarn in front



and now we've turned our work and we can

clearly see what's on our needles those

are our purl stitches those are the knit

stitches pearls knits and pearls we know

they're purl stitches because we can see

that little purl bump and I'm going to

zoom in so that you can see this a

little more closely to stay in our

pattern of knit two purl two we are

going to now purl our purl stitches and

then knit our knit stitches we hear this

a lot in knitting knit the knits and

purl the pearls and that's what we're

doing here pearl and purl again

yarn in back and knit and it - that's

your second net stitch yarn in front and

purl so to get this pattern to look the

way we want it to look every time we see

that little purl bump we're gonna purl

the stitch and when we go back to a knit

we're going to knit the stitch and that

will give us the knit two purl two

ribbing which is what this pattern

creates and now we turn our work and you

can start to see the pattern is taking

some shape and now on this side which is

the front of the work we can very

clearly see that we have start with a

knit so knit two

yarn in front purl two


and just gently snug up those purl

stitches and that will give you a much

more even looking fabric okay and just

keep doing that









and at this point we can really clearly

see our stitch pattern is taking shape

there's the knit column and next to it

the purl column and there's the pro

bumps and knit and purl knits and pearls

and alternating the nets and pearls are

what give us knit two purl two stitches