Joining Knitted Pieces 2 WAYS

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hi guys today I'm gonna show you how to

join these two needed pieces together as

you can see they're equal and they're

just little samples of stockinette

stitch and there so I'm gonna show you

two ways to use a crochet and T's needle

the special needed nil okay so if this

is of the piece of our work we're gonna

put the face inside because we want to

sew it on on the other side so it's not

visible okay so as you know when I need

I never need the first teacher of our

row I just slip it on the right hand

needle and that stitch creates this

little braid on the sides on both sides

as you can see and we're gonna use those

braids to sew these two pieces together

okay so you're gonna put them together

like that

mmm first I'm gonna use it my crochet

and I kind of gonna stick on to that

break and the same braid on the other

piece like that

and then I'm gonna pull my yarn through

you go and then you're gonna do the same

thing with the next breathe again

take that yarn

Pulitzer now you have kind of two

stitches right now we're going to put

the second stitch through the first one

we come

okay and and just continue the same

thing with it

through this a little braid the same

braid on the other piece put the yarn

through and throw that previous stitch



okay I'm just gonna continue this


okay next one this one and this one

okay and the last one right here

Porter and now we're gonna deal with the

last stitch through the last stitch and

just pulled it on through

tie it up and if you have another urine

on the other side you're just gonna tie

them together and then made a video how

to tie the yarn and if you guys want to

check it out I'm gonna link that down

below for you guys okay and there you go

as you can see it's very nice and tight

and now I'm gonna show you how to use a

needle okay so I got this needle on my

local store I'm gonna pull the hair and

throw it and the same we're gonna use to

see those side braids but we're just

gonna use a different technique okay so

just a yarn and I'm gonna push the

needle through but I do braids here

like that and pull it through okay then

I'm gonna push the needle through the

other side of that the same braid and

the other piece

okay now I'm gonna go up to the next

player yeah

and the same thing on the other side

it's not hard it's just a little it

takes a little more time but I prefer to

use a crochet just because it's faster

and it looks as good as well so let me

just finish that to you I'm gonna show

you both sides

and the last one again if you have the

other urine you can just tie them

together like that

and this is what it looks like on this

side what if you use a needle and if you

use a crochet crochet needle you can see

a needle doesn't really put them really

next to each other just like the crochet

does but it's still on efficient way and

it's also easy to do so you guys can

choose between two and if you guys have

any questions please leave a comment

down below and thank you for watching