How to Knit: 1x1 Rib

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in this video I will show you how to

work in 1x1 rib stitch and we're going

to be using our crazy sexy wool in rocky

gray and a pair of our 12 millimeter

rosewood knitting needles so let's get


so 1 by 1 rib is made up of knit and

purl stitches which are alternated to

create this elastic ridged fabric and if

you cast on an even number of stitches

then you will always knit the first

stitch and purl the last stitch so let's

see what 1 by 1 rib looks like so you're

going to knit this first stitch by

inserting your right hand needle through

the first stitch on your left hand

needle and working a knit stitch so wrap

the yarn around pull a new loop through

and then slip the old stitch off left

hand needle and so now you're going to

purl your next stitch so bring your yarn

between your two needles to the front of

your work insert your right needle

through the next stitch from right to

left wrap your yarn around like so and

then skip up a new stitch and slide the

old stitch off of that one needle and

now to work the next knit stitch bring

your yarn back through to the back of

your work and you're just going to

continue alternating between knit and

purl stitches to carry on working in 1x1

rib and a top tip for when you're

working rib if your next stitch has a V

sat underneath it then that means you're

going to knit stitch whereas if it has a

purl bump that means you're going to

purl the next stitch and so if you keep

on working that sequence the pattern

will continue to form these nice neat


so if you just carry repeating right to

the end of your row so knit the B's and

palm the butts and this creates a really

nice stretchy fabric which is great for

like the rims on hats or necklines of

jumpers or on cuffs of jumpers just

makes a really stretchy fabric you can

see it in a lot of our projects and we

have it in the Zion iron for one the

ribbing of the Hat you're going to pull

that last stitch

so that's how to work in 1x1 rib to

create this nice stretchy fabric