1x1 Rib Stitch Knitting Pattern for Beginners

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The 1x1 Rib Stitch Pattern!

Hi, Guys!

I'm Kristen and Welcome to Studio Knit!

Today, we are knitting up this super simple and totally stretchy 1x1 Rib Stitch Pattern.

This is perfect on garments when you need a little give, especially on hats!

To begin, we are going to cast on in multiples of two, so that is an even number of stitches.

Our first stitch is a knit stitch, which you'll see in the pattern instructions that is K1,

that's just knitting one stitch.

And then we're bringing our yarn to the front in order to purl.

So, we just purl one stitch right here.

And, of course, I have links to knitting techniques if you'd like to brush up on your knits and


It's in the description below.

And that's it, we just continue that same pattern in between the asterisks, which when

you see that in patterns, that just means you repeat between those two little stars,

those little asterisks.

So then, again, it is a purl one.

And we keep doing Knit One Purl One all the way down the row.

And now, here we are at the end of our row.

And because we cast on an even number of stitches it's knit one and purl one.

Okay, now we're ready to go ahead and knit the next row.

So, we're going to turn our needles around and right here again, it is exactly the same

thing on every single row.

Knit one, bring your yarn around, and we purl one.

And let's do it one more time for good measure.

We knit one and we purl one.


And just continue your K1, P1 and you have got the 1 by 1 Rib Stitch down.

And here's a way to tell.

When it's straight, that's a Knit Stitch and when there's a little cross like that, that

is a purl.

Again, when we look right here and it's straight that means you knit and the next one is purl.

And you'll see how totally stretchy it is.

It looks a lot like the Stockinette Stitch but it's really super stretchy and it's identical

on both sides.

On the right and wrong side it looks exactly the same.

I hope you are inspired to knit up the 1x1 Rib Stitch Pattern.

And please check out all of my knitting patterns and make sure to SUBSCRIBE and happy knitting

to all of you.