How to: Knit 1 below

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hi welcome back to Burnett calm today

I'm going to show you how to knit one

below which is written as k1 below so

let's get started so today I'm using

Burnett supervalue as my yarn and I'm

using a set of 5 millimeter knitting

needles so to knit one below I'm

actually want to work into the stitch

below my next stitch on my needle so

normally I would knit right into here

right but I want to actually put my

needle through the stitch below and then

you work it exactly like you normally

would so I wrap my yarn around I pull up

my loop and then I drop my loop off of

my needle you'll see that this looks

like an extra stitch is falling off your

needle don't worry this is totally

normal and it won't unravel it's what

gives this stitch its depth so I'm going

to knit one stitch here and now I'm

going to do another knit one below so

normally I would be knitting into this

and want to knit into the one stitch

below so you can kind of see there's a

little space there and I'm going to put

my needle through it I'm going to wrap

my yarn around like I normally would

pull up my loop and drop that off of my

left needle there so here's a regular

knit stitch and again I'm going to knit

one below so I'm not going to knit into

here I'm going to actually come one

stitch below wrap my yarn around pull up

a loop and slide that off of my left

needle so that's all there is to it

we'll see you again a brunette calm