How to Knit the Continental Purl

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in this episode of be hips knitting I'm

going to demonstrate how to knit the

Continental purl my name is Brittany and

I'll be your guide throughout this

tutorial you might use the Continental

purl if you are more comfortable with

crocheting and holding the yarn in your

non-dominant hand let's see just how to

do the Continental purl many of us find

that holding the yarn in our

non-dominant hand is the most

comfortable when we're knitting

especially if we were crochet errs

before we became knitters that's

something that I started doing when I

first learned to knit I had already

learned to crochet first so I was always

more comfortable holding the yarn in my

non-dominant hand working knit stitches

this in this continental style is pretty

simple it's actually very

straightforward but what about pearls

pearls are the opposite of the knit

stitch and I just really couldn't wrap

my brain around how we were supposed to

hold the yarn in our non-dominant hand

and make this purl work so what I have

here is just a little swatch to

demonstrate how to do the Continental

pearl you're going to gather up your

yarn just like normal and you want to

have your working yarn coming out the

front of your work if you allow your

yarn to drape over your index finger

here you want to free up your middle

finger because you're going to use this

to push down on the working yarn just

like this before we can insert our

needle into the stitch that we want to

work we have to pull the working yarn

out of the way so we'll do that with our

left hand we'll just pull it down and

out of the way insert our needle then

release push it back down and finish the

stitch now let's do that one more time

you'll push your working yarn out of the

way in the stitch wrap it around

and you can see I just kind of help push

the stitch off of my needle with my


now since my little swatch has a garter

stitch border on each side let's just

quickly look at how to do the

Continental knit stitch so I'm holding

the yarn to the back of my work

and that's how you do the Continental

purl stitch