Learning Butterfly Knife Tricks with No Experience

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this week i wanted to learn four bodies

and tricks from beginner level to

advanced every body zone has a safe

handle and a bite handle and even if i'm

using a trainer which has no blade

because i cannot need my fingers the

goal of every trick is to never get your

fingers stuck between blade and bite

handle i decided to start with the

easiest and most common move the basic

open to begin grab the knife from the

safe handle and flip it over the back of

your hand now rotate the knife 180

degrees to move the blade downwards then

by moving the thumb out of the way and

flipping the knife up the trick is done

the theory is pretty simple my brain was

sure i was gonna do it easily but when i

actually tried my hand had a different

opinion i totally felt like a

neanderthal man figuring out how to use