Knife Throwing For Beginners - How To Throw A Knife

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for some reason I get a lot of requests

to do a video about how to throw knives

and I actually didn't want a while back

but it was a really long rambling affair

so since I just got some brand new throw

knives I thought this would be a very

good chance to do a how to throw knives

2.0 video so that's coming up next on

survival on purpose

welcome back to survival on purpose my

name is Brian thank you for joining me

so the folks at Strayed and Smith &

Wesson were kind enough to send me a set

of their brand new 8-inch throwing

knives and I think probably because of

the high tech testing facility we

maintain here at survival and purpose

worldwide headquarters I get a lot of

requests to do a video on how to throw

knives and like I said in the intro I

did one a while back