How do honing rods work?

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do you guys know that honing rods don't

actually sharpen your knives let me

explain so I wanted to make a quick

video on what honing rods do and how to

hone your knives correctly because they

don't actually sharpen your knife so

sharpening a knife is the act of

actually removing metal from your knives

edge and this is usually done with

things like a whetstone so when we

sharpen on a whetstone were actually

removing metal from the knife's edge

with the grip of the whetstone but with

a honing rod we're actually realigning

the edge that is set are you guys

starting to see the difference so after

you get a sharpened knife the edge

should start out as a perfect V but then

as we start to use it that edge is

naturally going to roll over on itself

might become indented a little bit and