Forming Knife Pleats

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hello and welcome to Russian Saram

blogtv and collegially in this video

tutorial I'm going to be demonstrating

how to form nicely so what are nice

pleats knife pleats are created by

folding fabric one after another to

create a formation of police that go

around a garment for example it's good

start with I'm going to be doing the

marking points for the knife pleats now

I'm going to start him from here so I'm

giving myself a seam allowance so from 0

to 3 I'm going to put a mark there in a


do use your preferred measuring tool and

marking 2 and then when it dude do it

every 3 centimeter and make sure that it

is equal and one more there now that is

now forming one nicely and I'm going to

continue going up all the way to the top