Voro's 3d School: Knife Edge Spin Tutorial

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hey everyone vorel here with another 3d

tutorial on the knife edge spin this is

another one of my favorite favorite

maneuvers it's very loud a real

crowd-pleaser and once you find that

sweet spot on that plane it just it

looks really awesome so just going to

demonstrate it here we're going to push

over roll to the left

add left rudder up elevator and it's

just going to look just like that to

exit we're going to add an opposite

rudder go into a flat spin and roll out

you can roll out of this multiple ways

you can do the most popular one it's

inverted harrier but you can do a

rolling circle and come out normal it

just depends on what you want you can

even turn that into a blender and then

fly out with a flat spin just depends

alright so again we're just going to go