How to do "Knife Hits" via plastic bottle & butter knifes

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the Morning America it's Wilson changer

and every day I wake up and I take what

I call nitrates it's a type of way of

smoking weed it's a very unusual way but

very convenient way unless you

consistently just non-stop smoking weed

then I guess it doesn't really matter

but anyway I'm necessary you know they

get good hits of weed and small amounts

of weed okay first you gotta get all

your necessities all right you're gonna

want something to put your weed arm that

won't burn all right now normally you'd

want to get like a glass plate something

like this you know whatever I personally

don't like using this because we use

food on it too and I just don't feel

like you should be mixing it so just

make sure you get something like like a

piece of cardboard notebook some

obviously you can see got my little