Let's Learn Blender! #7: Knife & Bisect tools!

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hello my name is colin and this episode

of let's learn blender we'll be talking

about two of blender's 3d modeling tools

first the knife tool the knife tool is

used to let you create custom edges in

pretty much any direction on any face of

the surface of a mesh that you want it's

a super powerful tool and the second

tool we're talking about is called the

bicep tool which lets you cut clean

through a mesh and what that means that

you're cutting basically a loop around

your mesh wherever you want and you can

even adjust where it is and the angle

that cut through the mesh is facing and

you can even use the bisect tool to

remove or chop off part of a mesh and

even cut a mesh into two with a few

extra steps so we'll be talking about

these two tools in this video this will