How to Start Whittling - Complete Beginners Guide to Whittling

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everybody this is brian from carvings

fun and this video is going to be a

complete introduction to whittling for

beginners the goal of the video is to

help give you the basics and

understanding of how to get started

whether if you have the tools already or

if you're just looking to get into it

now by the end of the video you're going

to have a better idea of what kind of

knives to get

what kind of wood you're going to want

to carve recommendations on safety

equipment how to sharpen your

tools there basic cuts to master common

mistakes to avoid and fun little project

ideas for you to get started now before

we get into knives i just want to let

you know this channel is all about

welding and wood carving so if you are

really interested in getting into the