7 Stiff Knee Stretches - Ask Doctor Jo

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Hey everybody, it's doctor jo and unicorn Remy, and today we're gonna show you my top

7 treatments for a stiff knee. So let's get started.

So there can be a lot of reasons

for a stiff knee. Most of the time it's muscle tightness, sometimes it's just an injury.

Sometimes and injury causes muscle tightness. So one of the first things I like to do is

patella mobs. And patella mobs are a great way to kind of get that stiffness out of the

knee because even though the knee cap or the patella sits on top of the knee, if it's tight

in there, it will cause a lot of stiffness in that knee. And it will cause it to have

a really hard time bending your knee. So for patella mobs, all you do is really you're

just moving that knee cap around. So I like to kind of grab it on the sides to start off

with, and now if you don't have a specific injury like a dislocated knee cap, this is

fine. You can kind of push it a little bit. And if you have a stiff knee, this may make

it a little hard to move around. Buy I usually just take 2 fingers on each side and I'm just

starting off by pushing side to side. Now I'm not pushing down, you don't want to push

that kneecap down into the joint. So you just want to do a side to side motion. It's not

pushing down into the joint. So I'm just going side to side. And you can see, mine's pretty

mobile, it's moving around pretty easily. But if you've got a stiff knee, you might

have to push really hard to get it going. So maybe just 30 seconds to a minute this

way, and then you can do up and down. So I'll just take the thumbs on the top, fingers on

the bottom, and then just slide back and forth. So same thing. I'm not scooping down into

that joint cause that's just gonna cause more irritation. I'm really trying to take that