How to do the perfect KNEELING PUSH UP: technique and common mistakes

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hi there and welcome for this get

exercise confident video saying we've

lived and we're going to show you how to

do the knee press up so to begin with

let's go lay flat brilliant she's gonna

put our hands just wider than shoulder

width apart and just below her shoulders

like this

it's just wider and just below her

shoulders she's then going to push up

onto her knees to get the starting

position now from here we want to make

sure her body is in a straight position

from her meatheads so that's really good

so she's no taco stomach in 10 so gluts

and stay nice and tall and keep her

chest out great so nice and straight

stomach in glutes tight nice and tall so

that's the set up position so now she's

going to go down to do this she's gonna

bend her elbows brilliant hits the