How To Get Your Knee Down On A Sport Bike ~ MotoJitsu

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every one infested here first like say

things to all my subscribers and all my

viewers and this is the video that I've

been looking forward to make for a long

time so I finally got a hold my buddy

with this amazing blank this 2015 BMW

s1000rr so things like Childress car

stock so all the videos I made before

that are pretty popular how to get your

knee down how to get your knee down part

two I was on my BMW I was on my

girlfriend's KTM but now because people

kept commenting well that's easy to do

on a sport bike or on adventure bike can

you do it on a full powerful thousand cc

bike so it's like anything else I'm in

fall gear I'm in a big empty parking lot

that I'm always in which is really good

grip right and there's minimal risk I'm

not gonna be going more than 25 miles

per hour and like I always mention if