How to Set Up Space for Foster Kittens

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Hi everyone!

A question I'm asked a lot is

"How do you set up your space for foster kittens?"

So in this video I will be talking about

Setting up your home base for kittens of all different ages

And I'll be answering some of your top questions about

"How to set up their areas properly?"

So the first thing I'll say is

Yes! You do have room to foster kittens

A lot of people say that they want to wait until they have more space so that they can foster

But whether you live in a six-bedroom house or a studio apartment

I promise you

You have room to foster kittens

So you don't just want to bring home a foster kitten and let them loose all over your house

You want them to have a dedicated space

The good news is kittens don't take that much space

Have you seen a kitten?

They're not very big

An appropriate space for kittens is going to be:

Safe, confined and free of spaces that the kitten can get stuck

Climate-controlled, soft and warm