My Kitten Is Sneezing & Congested - Here's How to Help!

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hi there and welcome back to Kitten School! I get a lot of questions about

how to help a kitten suffering from a kitty cold, and there's some really easy

things that you can do to keep your kitten comfortable while she recovers... so

let me show you what I think helps the most. First we need to talk about snot -

yes I know it's gross - but a kitten with a cold will have lots of it and your job

is to keep the Kitty's nasal passages open so she can breathe. There are two

things that I always do for a snotty nosed kitten: one is dripping warm saline

drops into the nostril a few times a day, this will make the kitty sneeze which

will help to release any congestion. you can use store-bought saline or you can

make your own by dissolving a teeny pinch of salt into a cup of warm water.

Another great snot buster is steam therapy you can put your kitty into a

steamy bathroom for a while or place her in a towel covered carrier with a bowl

of hot water under it to create a mini steam room the warm steam will penetrate

congested noses and also helps to loosen gunk around the eyes. The kittens seem to

find steam therapy very comforting and often they fall asleep! A congested

kitten is not going to be very interested in eating or drinking, so you

have to make sure that she gets enough nutrition and fluids. You will probably

want to feed her with a syringe using kitten formula or soft baby food.

Dehydration is the main cause of death for sick kittens so make sure she's

getting enough fluids - and I can't emphasize that more. Kitty colds can

often affect the cat's eyes so it's important that you keep your Kitty's