How to Help a Cat Gain Weight

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dr. J's King and this is Austin we're

here the Washington family veterinary

clinic today we're going to talk about

how to get your cat to gain weight first

of all that starts off by general health

and being able to go visit your vet

regularly to see them every 6 to 12

months as they grow and as they get

older especially two to have them have

regular vet checks so that they you know

that they're healthy that's probably the

main thing that you want to start with

the second thing is to have just a

nutritious food you need to check on the

ingredients of your of your food make

sure that there's plenty of protein

there's plenty of of good nutrients

within your food because that's going to

be probably the most important because

if you're if you're feeding your cat a

low quality food your cats not going to