Why won’t my cat use his bed??

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hey what's up gang Jackson galaxy here

your cat daddy and today we're going to

take a letter from one of our mojo tears

in Brooklyn New York this comes from the

June and June says hey Jackson I read

your books cool and after picking up

catification I brought it home and

immediately got to work for my cat bug

after reading the section on scent

soakers I immediately went out and

ordered four different types of beds for

bug he has yet to use one of them three

exclamation points Jackson I do not make

that much money but I love my little bug

what do I do to get him to use his four

new beds three exclamation points and

that comes again from June in Brooklyn

well first of all I love the fact that

you love your bug so much and that

you've done so much for him to catify

your space I just want to give you all