How to Fly a Kite

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hi I'm Chris Maxo with chi loft today

we're going to learn how to fly a kite

probably the best flying of all the

shapes of kites is a delta shape type a

simple crossbar on the back and a spine

allow the kite to fly beautifully in

most situations

that's the kite we're gonna choose to

fly today this triangle piece that roots

from the kite isn't called the keel on

the keel we have a little grommet with

an eyelid we're gonna take our kite line

and attach the swivel right to the

grommet and clip the clothes very much

like a fishing swivel you're gonna take

any tails you may have and you want to

put on your kite and we're gonna put

them on either the wing tips center of

the spine or the other wing tip you're

gonna want to make sure that you have a

good clear run of wind from behind you