Video to watch before your first kitesurfing lesson (Basic kitesurfing overview)

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hey guys Luke here in today's video

we're gonna go through basically a

general overview of kite surfy and how

it works you know a little bit about the

area what you can look for some terms

you know just talking about the basics

of kite surfing flight and really just

like I said an overview that you can

take to your first lesson so the purpose

of this video isn't designed to

substitute for a first lesson it's

mainly just to give you some of the

concept so that when you go and take

your first lesson it's almost like a

little bit of a revision which is going

to save you time and money during your

first lesson because there's a lot of

new things that are learned when you you

know undertaking the skill of kite

surfing there's a lot of new terms and

skills and and you know a lot of