Learn To Snowkite - RIDING

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In this video we'll cover how to get up and riding on skis or snowboard

Before launching your kite, which we showed you in our previous video, make sure that the wind is not too strong

5 to 10 knots is ideal

Get comfortable with flying the kite in the different positions in the wind window before putting on skis or a snowboard

9 o'clock through 3 o'clock get comfortable with how the kite steers. Then practice flying the kite into the power zone

This will allow you to feel the power that can be generated

The lower you dive the kite into the power zone the more power it creates. Now try flying the kite while moving around

Practice activating the release system when the kite is in flight and then relaunching the kite as previously shown

It is important to have the correct body position to complete your board start

Put your kite at 12 o'clock keep your legs bent with your back leg bent more than the front leg

Keep your shoulders close to your knees, this way your body's easily pulled up and over the board

Turn the kite down into a power stroke, as you load for the downwind power stroke point your front leg and the board

downwind this ensures you do not get pulled up and straight over the toe side of your board

Once you have mastered getting up and riding try to continue riding by edging against the kite to create power or by flying the kite in a smooth continuous wave pattern

Practice getting up on the board in both directions

Starting from a standing position and with your kite at 12 o'clock step into your skis

Keeping your legs slightly bent and with more weight being placed on your downwind ski

Turn the kite down into a power stroke, keep your arms relaxed and slightly bent

Also, turn your body from the waist towards the kite. As the kite powers up counter the power by slightly leaning upwind to avoid getting pulled over

Keep your upwind knee bent and push on your downward ski.