Kites, Basic Introduction, Geometry

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now the net shape that we need to talk

about is the kite so let's call this a B

C and D so the first thing needs to know

is that a B and a D

are congruent next you need to know that

BC and DC are congruent as well and then

also one pair of opposite angles are

congruent so angle B and angle D are

congruent to each other now let's focus

on the diagonals the two diagonals they

meet at right angles so they're

perpendicular to each other and also AC

it bisects angle a into two congruent

angles so these angles are congruent to

each other

it also bisects angle C into two

congruent angles now angle a and angle C

are not congruent to each other in this

example in addition AC let's fix that AC

is the perpendicular bisector of BD so

that means that let's call this point D