Learn How to Kip Up In 5 Minutes

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all right what's up everybody Lucas here

I got my fiance joining me and we're

going to show you today how to learn a

Kip up in five minutes or less all right

have you ever done a couple before no I

don't even know what that is ready to be

impressed baby boom so first thing we're

gonna do right the first minute or so is

we're going to get used to rolled and

we're going to get used to the launch

position okay so you're going to have

your palms out in front of you so palms

out in front we're going to do is we're

going to get down so squat down I'm

going to get on our butt roll back and

you want to focus on rolling back and

you don't have to put your arms to the

ground yet okay just do the roll boom

boom boom boom all right so you got that

fluid motion of the roll next thing

you're going to do take your hands and