WHY shirt numbers are a big thing

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Ronaldo got the 7 upon his return to Man United,  

but here he is being unveiled  with the number 9 at Real Madrid.

Seeing Messi play in number 30 is just plain crazy  but not as insane as some players wearing 0, 1+8  

or even a 111. Footballers will do a lot to  get their favourite shirt number. I'm gonna  

explain why they attach so much value to those  digits below their name and how they choose them.

Also stay tuned for the dumbest, craziest and  highest shirt numbers in football history.

The 2021 summer transfer window showed us  how important digits can be to players' egos.  

Amid the crazy transfer moves shirt  numbers were a significant subplot.

The transfer merry-go-round kicked off when  David Alaba moved to Real where he couldn't  

wear his favourite 27 due to League  rules limiting squad numbers to 25.

So he took the 4 vacated by Sergio  Ramos who in turn went to PSG  

and took that number off Thilo Kehrer who was  shunted out to 24. Then Messi headed to Paris,  

too, and presumably wanted his iconic  number 10, but Neymar wears that.

He could have taken the 11 which he wore at Santos  and Barcelona but di Maria has that number at PSG,  

having failed to claim that at his previous  clubs. So Messi snapped up number 30,  

as that was what he wore in  his first two seasons at Barca.

Meanwhile Jaden Sancho went to United, wanted the  number 7, but Solskjaer said Cavani had seniority.  

Sancho took 25 because, you know, 2 plus 5  equals 7, but then Ronaldo came back to United,  

and he's called CR7 for a reason, so  Cavani let it go and the EPL let it happen.  

Now Cavani has 21, the number  he usually wears for Uruguay.

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