JON SNOW Hair Tutorial | KING OF THE WET LOOK | Men's Curly/Wavy Hair How To

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kit harington sported one of the most

iconic hairstyles of the 2010s as jon

snow from the series game of thrones and

although it's now not as popular as it

was when game of thrones was airing it

is still a highly sought after look

desired by many and with longer natural

hairstyles coming back into popularity

as we approach 2022 the world is going

to need more options than just the

timothy chalamet haircut so we are going

to take a look into the past and revisit

this iconic hairstyle so if you're

somebody with long naturally wavy or

curly hair and looking to achieve this

jon snow inspired wet curly hair look

look no further because that's this

week's episode of jessie's barbershop

so for this look and any other look that

requires this wet finish the name of the

game is going to be locking in as much