Josh Is 27 and Has Never Been Kissed | Love at First Kiss

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it's gonna be great I'm Josh I'm 27 no

pressure and today I'm gonna kiss a girl

for the first time I can I can do this

I'm ready I don't even know how I made

it 27 years without kissing a girl it's

really crazy actually like none of my

friends have waited that long I don't

think anyone probably in the human

history have waited that long I'm pretty

shy when it comes to talking the girls

so hopefully like this can lead to

something might be a little will feel

freaked the only girls I've ever kissed

in the world are my mom and grandma but

there's no way I'd kiss my mom and

grandma like I'm gonna kiss this girl so

I've been practicing and trying to watch

videos of people kissing grabbing like

the cheek and face kind of a big thing

wrapping the arms around maybe do

something with the hair I guess I'll