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I've never kissed anybody before I've

never kissed anyone on the lips before

no I've never kissed anyone before I

haven't kissed my current boyfriend no I

had a boyfriend in seventh grade but it

wasn't that serious it was just kind of

like a two-week thing and it was like

all gossipy I always wanted to kiss her

for a long time I don't know if Bishop

will be a good kisser or not yes I've

heard of love at first sight I think if

you see someone you can really feel a

connection instantly I've never asked

him if he has kissed anybody before I

don't really know what is it gonna feel

like I have actually googled how to kiss

before her Google had a kiss I did

search up on YouTube I think in like

fourth grade how to kiss somebody I

didn't really learn that much from the

video it was definitely like don't use