5 Things to NEVER Do Before You Kiss Her (How to Kiss A Girl)

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Matt: Going for the first kiss usually feels like the man's job and is a crucial

moment in a date and chances are you've screwed it up before I know I have and

it sucks and it can make you feel really deflated but if you avoid these common

mistakes then you'll be leagues ahead of most guys who fumble through this

important moments my name is Matt artisan from the attractive man and

these are five things never to do before you kiss her

number five going for it on a low note instead of a high note if you guys are

talking about the weather or she's talking about her grandma's birthday

last Saturday or some intense painful situation that she had to overcome it's

probably not the best time to go for a kiss

yeah just lost my job and I'm trying to find another one oh yeah it's much

better to do it on a high note in the interaction where you guys are having

fun laughing being playful or during a moment where you create a lot of tension

okay can't really do it to the camera but you get the point

you got to create a little bit of a moment I recommend either a slightly

playful moment or a moment with a lot of sexual tension where she's gonna want to

break the tension by kissing you and I created an entire video on how to create

that type of tension and how to make her wanna kiss you and I'll put a link to

that video down in the description so make sure to check that out number four

is creating that tension or creating that playful moment where it's the

perfect opportunity to go for the kiss and missing out losing that opportunity