How To Cuddle With A Girl

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Hey, what’s going on?

Tripp here from Tripp and getting ready to shoot a cuddle video

teaching you how to cuddle with a girl.

Going to show you some really cool demonstrations with my friend Elizabeth who’s getting ready

right now.

We’re going to be doing some cool stuff.

Are you ready to cuddle today?

Yeah, that’s what I came here to do.

You’re washing your feet.

I’m a very cleanly person.

What’s your favorite cuddle position?

I feel like a pretzel woman.

A pretzel woman.

Is that so friendly?

You’re going to have to teach me some cuddle moves today.

Where do the guys find you on Instagram?

“Lisagna” L-I-S-A-G-N-A.

Cause my nickname’s Lisy, I’m half Italian and I will eat everything off your plate,

so therefore “Lisagna”.

I’m here with Elizabeth and we’re going to be demonstrating how to cuddle and yes

you do need to learn how to cuddle properly because you can be a bad cuddler.