Where To Put Your Hands When You Kiss A Girl

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I know sometimes it can be really awkward when  you first kiss a girl, even if you've kissed  

a lot of women in your life. That first kiss when  you're kissing a girl for the very first time.  

You and her, it can be weird. It can be awkward.  This is the first time you guys are breaking the  

sexual touch barrier. You and her. What are you  supposed to do with your hands? I know that sounds  

like a funny thing. Don't you just put them around  her? Well, maybe you do. But if you don't know,  

this video is going to teach you exactly what  to do so you're going to know exactly what to  

do every single time when you kiss a girl,  and especially for the first time. And then  

once you've learned this and you know what  to do, you can repeat it every time, you can  

prevent awkwardness and when it's not awkward and  she sees that you are super comfortable with her,  

that you're super comfortable with women, there is  going to be a massive attraction boost here. Women  

want to know that you are comfortable with other  women and especially with her. What you want to  

do is you want to make sure that you're putting  your hands and your arms where it makes sense  

in the progression. What I've come up with here  is basically this 3 level progression, knowing  

exactly where to put your hands every single time  that you kiss a girl. Whether you're kissing her  

for the first time or you're escalating further.  Let me explain. Where do you put your hands when  

you are first kissing her? Meaning, this is  the first time you guys have ever kissed,  

where is the safest place to put your hands?  When you go for the kiss, you guys are going  

to be close to each other, obviously. You're not  going to be bending over too much. You're going to  

be pretty close to each other. Your bodies will be  close to each other or maybe you're sitting down.  

But your bodies will be close to each other, the  best place to put your hands are on her hips. I'm  

gonna be very specific here. Not her butt because  that could be inappropriate. But on her hips. This