How to kiss a girl you just met? Infield footage

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hi guys it's Ian here now have you ever

been on a date and become extremely

frustrated about not being able to kiss

the girl at will it could be that you're

simply too nervous to go for it

well that you've gone for it by the lady

wasn't having any of it guys I'm first

going to demonstrate how I kissed the

random girl I met at the park and then

I'm going to break it all down for you

go this is that this is hi park yes

every time yeah i'ma timber was good yes

it's good but the little warm whoa

yeah because the first time when I come

I go to Neiman Marcus I

some young people do you think around


now the number-one point is to take your

time I cannot stress how important this

is way too many guys I see they feel

like they need to rush in order to boost