3 Ways To Kiss A Girl And Turn Her On

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No matter if you're in a relationship, or you just met a girl for the first time, kissing

is freaking important.

I'm going to tell you a quick story, something that happened to me a long time ago that taught

me this lesson.

This was probably around seven years ago, one of my first serious relationships.

I remember when I was with my girlfriend at that time, there'd be kissing and passing,

kiss on the cheek, forehead, lips or whatever kiss that randomly happens throughout the


I remember I wanted to be very sweet, gentle, and romantic.

A lot of times I'd give her a kiss and it'd be very soft like on the cheek, forehead or


I remember towards the end of the relationship, she would say to me, Tripp, I hate it when

you kiss me like that.

My mind was blown, I said, “What do you mean you hate it when I kiss you like that?

Why would you hate that?

It's soft, gentle, and tremendous.

She goes, no, sometimes, I want you to take me and give me a hard, passionate kiss.

I was like, woah! interesting.

I completely thought the opposite.

Now knowing what I know about being more masculine and dominant, and that being attracted to

a female, that's an exact example of that, being able to take a girl and constantly kiss