How To Kiss A Girl You Like

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By the end of this video you are gonna get a bachelor's degree in kissing

because you're gonna learn when to do it, how to do it and how to leave her

wanting more. Alright, I'm going to cut to Brittany real quick. Here is when not to kiss a

girl. One day this guy I worked with asked me out for drinks after work. We're

friends, he's nice. I just moved to the city like sure. He bought me a drink. I was

like okay, didn't think anything of it. We're friends right.

and then he tries to kiss me and I'm like what are you doing? Like when did I

send you signals that that was okay? After a few hostel fails we finally found a

good one here in Chiang Mai and just to keep you up to speed in the next week

I'm going to be going Ao Nang to slumber party hostel. They have been nice enough

to actually host Britney and I for a week for free and hang out on there

property and do some cool excursions. You're gonna see all that

cool stuff.

So what are the signs that you're looking for? Well here's the biggest

sign. The biggest sign is that you are on a date. If you're on a date with her

and she's having a good time and then she's laughing and being nice. Well

that's different because you know she's interested because she's on a date so

you have permission there to go for the kiss.

One of the benefits of having a

girlfriend is her searching endlessly on Instagram for all the cool spots where

you let's say that you end up meeting a girl and you guys end up hitting it off