How To Kiss a Woman (She Will Love This)

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okay what about space not very fine I

love that but I liked it you remember

what I did but years ago and we had the

Red Hot Chili Peppers by a minute hang

on a second you're so cute

advocate here right now hey man it's

Christian Hudson to the social manage

today I'm going to show you how to kiss

a woman in a way that she'll absolutely

love this is a moment that a lot of guys

get freaked out about but if you do it

like we're going to show you and you've

got zero chance getting rejected and

they'll be insanely hot for her you

experience and the reason is so exciting

for one is because you're creating

sexual tension that releases all source

feel-good chemicals in our brain once

you move past your nervousness

you'll also find this more blacks truly

great pleasures you'll want to do this