How To Attract A Girl That Doesn't Like You Back

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Tripp Kramer here from I get this question

so much. Literally, I think that maybe 25% to upwards of 30%

of the questions that I get on this channel are about how to get a girl that

a guy already knows. I actually make a joke when I tell people what I do

for a living that the most common question is "Tripp, there's

this girl." A lot of guys on the channel write down below in the comments

or they write me in emails or they come on Facebook Live and they ask me

questions and they say "Tripp there's this girl...." and then ellipses.

There's this girl and then into whatever it is that they're trying to do

Trying to attract her but there's always a specific situation where the girl

either doesn't like them back, they've never had any sort of connection, they've

never even met or they're just friends or they're in the friend zone. I get

this question all the time and I know I have these lengthy intros. Let's just

get into it here. How do you seduce a girl? How do you get a girl attracted to

you that doesn't like you back? Well here's my first answer and if you don't

like it, tough cookies. Here it is, you don't. Here's what you're doing. Here's

what you're doing. I will give you an answer in terms of a way to

be able to do it if you still want to. I do have a method of being able to get

a girl attracted if she's not originally. There is something you can try to do, but

I'm not going to talk about that until the end of the video. First, you need to

know why this is something you absolutely don't want to do and