Dating taller women - would you?

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if you're a guy would you date a girl

who is taller than you

let's talk about it so I know the

conventional way of picking your partner

if you're a guy you want to pick a girl

who's shorter than you if you're a girl

you want to pick a guy who's taller than

you and has been kind of a it's kind of

been the norm and then generally the the

average height of women are short is

shorter than average height of men so

that kind of works out right but there

are couples and I'm sure you've seen

them out and about right where the guy

is actually shorter than the girl and so

and that you know sometimes you know it

looks a little bit odd you know I'm I

don't I should say odd but definitely

it's unusual right and I'm you know I

thought about it and I wonder I wonder

what what what people do think when they