How To Touch & Kiss A Girl On A First Date

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What's going on?

As you can see next to me, we have a guest, which is very rare these days.

This is my girlfriend Megan.

Megan, who is not mic'd up right now.

We're going to try to tweak the sound, but only I have a mic.

She won't be talking that much.

But Megan, say hello to the guys.

Hey guys.

Hey guys.

They're very seductive.

That's very nice.

Today we're going to be talking about how to touch a girl on a first date.

And I thought, best to demo this and have you understand better to have someone here

to help explain this.

That's what we're going to do.

And if you recognized, she's actually been on a video before.

This is not her first video, but her second.

Because her first video was the day we met.

We did a tutorial on dancing and after that about 10 days later, 7 to 10 days later, we

had our first date.

I want to be clear here what we're talking about.