How To Kiss A Girl Properly! 4 Techniques For Success!

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hi everyone I'm Apollonia Ponte your

dating and relationship coach for you

men to attract that woman that you

desire and in today's video we are going

to talk about how to kiss a girl

properly and I am joined by Alex Korman

he is actually a the French relationship

expert so who else better to do this

video in then another expert himself

thank you so much hi everyone I'm so

happy to do this video I want to know

how to kiss a girl a woman so now we are

going to give you four ways on how to

properly kiss a woman so I want to also

give you we're gonna demonstrate ways on

how to do this and also I'm going to

show you how to pay attention to our

body language and typically this is when

you're on a date or when you're on

having a conversation with a woman so

let's get started so I'm going to give