How to Seduce Women - 11 Moves to Seduce a Woman and Get Her in Bed! - Lovepanky

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did you know that 99% of men are

absolutely clueless when it comes to

really knowing how to seduce a woman

most men can hardly tell if a woman is

into them so how can you tell if a woman

is really in deal there are few

indications that show you if the woman

is into you always notice the following

is she making eye contact if she is

avoiding your eyes she is not interested

is her body facing you if her body is

facing away from you she is protecting

herself which is another way of saying

not interested what about her arms are

her arms crossed this stance says don't

look at me and you will never touch this

is she touching you slight touch means

awesome especially the laugh with a

touch combo if she laughs at something

you say and reaches out and touches your

shoulder or a leg that's the sign of