PrankInvasion METHOD REVELEAD (How To Make A Girl Horny) - Kissing Prank In Bed - Kiss A Girl

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water of invaders Chris here writes

today I'm with my friend Cece and I'm

gonna be showing you guys exactly how to

kiss and turn a girl on while you do it

you guys have seen me kiss girls on the

street in malls in libraries and that's

one thing but the hardest part is

actually kissing her and turning her on

enough to go home with her the exact

same day so you want to come in just

like this and you want to feel her lip

pressure on yours if she's kind of

pulling back then pull back as well but

if you feel her lips on yours

or she puts her hand on you like you've

seen a lot of my videos a lot of times

girls will grab me pull me in or they'll

squeeze on my shoulder or mess up my

hair which I don't want you to do and

guys don't be afraid to just go for it

even if you're on the street you know