HIGH SCHOOL YOU VS CHILD YOU || Different Types Of People Relatable Moments!

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Remember your very first crush, sweaty palms and Oh facing heart were a regular

occurrence, especially when sitting next to them! Hmm

do you like me? Kevin has a crush on me?My goodness!

kevin is my one true love I'm going to answer this letter right away to let

Kevin know I heart him I can't wait to tell my mom please be yes please be yes

ah isn't young love simply the cutest if only talking to your crush stayed this

carefree and easy

then there is high school you guys thank you could come up for air anytime soon

teenagers and their hormones am i right child you every single day your mom is

sweet enough to make your lunch and when twelve o'clock rolls around opening up

your food is like enjoying a little piece of home what did my mommy pack for

me to date looks like my favorite turkey and cheese but wait there's more

my favorite banana smoothie in it that's the orange for dessert best Ella looks

like great moms think alike right high school you oh look mom that's my lunch

again D do so what will Bella eat today for lunch at school us yes teacher turn

around so I can finally eat my candy bar whoa was that my stomach geez who

brought a lion into class I guess I could share my snack sounds like Bella

needs it more than I do geez Bella way to be polite

oh man is it really time to get up already

yikes it's already past 6:30 Tom huh girl wake up wake up looks like Kevin

isn't as much of an early riser keV if you don't get up now you're not going to